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The Gipsy Green Project

At the Gipsy Caravan nature is the protagonist. It seems therefore necessary to rethink the relationship between our profession and the world around us, posing the problem on how to reduce the environmental impact of what we do every day as much as possible. Thus was born the Gipsy Green Project which is structured over these points:

  • We have reduced the amount of paper and almost completely eliminated the single-use plastic, which we use to protect surfaces, using fabric sheets and aprons, which we wash daily with an A ++ washer-dryer, in which we put a sterilizing additive, based on quaternary ammonium salt and chlorine.

  • The paper we use is, where possible, 100% recycled.

  • We have transformed all the plastic accessories, for the protection of the equipment and for the work itself (machine covers, clipcord covers, color caps, glasses, spray bottle covers, disposable razor blades) into objects of paper or biodegradable and sustainable plastic material .

  • The company that supplies us with electricity (Hera) is one of the most committed in Italy for the use of renewable and alternative energies.

  • We have eliminated products based on petrolatum (petroleum jelly), in favor of products of plant origin (shea butter).

  • For some time in the studio we have observed a scrupulous separate collection, both in the individual boxes and in the studio itself.

At the moment these solutions still have a high economic weight, compared to the polluting counterpart, but we hope that over time, and with the increase of people sensitive to this issue, prices will gradually become more acceptable.

To be fair, we list the aspects of the working method that at the moment we cannot solve, on which we are working:

  • Gloves made of biodegradable Nitrile are currently produced only in the United States, and it is not yet possible to import them.

  • The surgical placemats, which we use to protect the work surface, contain a thin sheet of polyethylene. 

  • The grips of the disposable machines are made of mixed material, plastic and silicone, and have no viable alternatives for now.​​

We hope this list will be shortened soon, the goal is a 100% plastic free Gipsy Caravan !!!

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